Happy birthday King and Queen!

Since Porto Brazil is partly is a Norwegian- Brazilian company, we wish to attend the tribute of the Norwegian King and Queen who celebrated 80 years yesterday.   What a an amazing Royal family Norway has. See for example Prince Sverre Magnus “Dabbing” to the crowd when celebrating the King and Queen yesterday. Why we […]

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Come visit us in Brazil

Thanks to all of you sending mails about travelling to Brazil. Please continue. We answer all of you as soon as we can. If you are looking for places to stay, great cities to visit, top surf-areas etc. etc. Please ask us. We know the areas! Next week we will put together a FAQ about […]

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Will you marry me?

For the first time, I’ll be a bit personal. I hope you can forgive me my love. I know you do not like the attention. Just some time before you came into my life  (I thought) I had everything. Then I lost it all. When I met you, I had nothing to offer. I was completely […]

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